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Triumph v136

By Ben Train
Close-Up - Triumph V136

$ 10.00

Triumph v136

The following approach was originally brought to the table by Syd Segal in Full Metal Jacket (2005) under the name Very Fair Triumph. Ben Train offers personalization, history and clear teaching instruction make this video a worthwhile investment.

The cards are shuffled face-up into face-down. No false moves or suspicious sleight of hand. With a magical gesture, the entire deck straightens out with every card face-down, except for the selected card. A miracle at the card table. Dai Vernon would be proud!

Called “a genius” by those who thought they were talking about someone else, Ben Train has spent more than a decade working all over North America. Combining clever methodology, unique presentations, and interesting plots, there’s something in Ben’s magic for everyone… even if you don’t like card tricks.