The Unreal Work #1

By Jason England
Sleight Of Hand - The Unreal Work #1

$ 15.00

The Unreal Work #1

In 2002, Paul Wilson and Jason England prepared a joint DVD for their lecture at the World Magic Seminar in Las Vegas, Nevada. The theme was sleight of hand with cards based on and inspired by, the world of cheating. The video was shot very simply with camcorders, edited overnight and shipped to Las Vegas in time for the convention.

The Unreal Work completely sold out in its first and second editions and since then has been almost impossible to find. We are privileged to offer it to you now via our digital catalogue.

Jason England is a mechanic's mechanic. Some people reach for guns, but England's clear weapon of choice is a red-backed pack of Bee's. A master of gambling sleights, England has reached the upper echelons of Forte and Erdnase. His knowledge of the craft is as deep as his bottom-deal is invisible. A lesson from England will undoubtedly elevate your card technique ten fold.